K12 Study - Short Term

This program is designed to help K-12 students to explore educational experience abroad on a short-term basis. Through participating in daily school activities students witness through their own eyes different curriculums, teaching styles, classroom discussions, assignment requirements, after school activities, student interactions, and community volunteer services. This unique learning opportunity can not only enrich their overall learning experience but also may help them decide whether they pursue a high school and college degree abroad in the future.

General Requirements

  • Student ages: Between Grade 6 - 12 or equivalent.
  • English: Not required. In fact students are expected to learn and improve English during the stay.
  • Duration of stay:  one week or longer, but less than 28 days.
  • Guardians: Parent(s) or other family member(s) will accompany the student younger than 18 years old during the stay.
  • Location: K-12 private schools in the United States
  • Financial support: Student families are responsible for tuition, travel expenses, housing and healthcare insurance overage.
  • Visa: Due to short stay, students can use visitor or tourist visa. However, it is important that students verify visa requirement prior to the trip.


How to Get Started

If you are interested to participate in the program, you can apply for it online here. There is no cost or obligation for the initial evaluation.